National Traditional Country Music Association 

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     What began in 1976 as a means to honor significant contributors to America's rural musical art forms on a local basis has over the years progressed into a National forum to honor all those in the United States (and sometimes internationally) those that have made significant contributions to what we now call old-time country music to distinguish it from modern country.  Our musical genre is a huge umbrella, and of course includes all the early old-time styles 'mountain music; ragtime; hillbilly; rustic country music; bluegrass; folk; Cajun; honky-tonk; Americana; rural music; gospel; shaped note singing; western; country blues; cowboy music; and all of the elements that make up what we call 'old-time' music and 'old-time' dance.
     It was decided early on that the only way into the Hall of Fame is to be nominated by someone already inducted.  In this way the large number of deserving individuals and groups could be controlled.  At the same time this would be a source of eligible participants, provided by those that have the most knowledge and ability to select the most deserving.  The awards and inductions are done at the annual national festival hosed by the National Traditional Country Music Association.  Individuals or groups that come for the honors are not required to perform, that is not the purpose of the awards.  Talented nominees certainly are welcome to perform if they so desire to do so.  Once the award is announced, and given, it is 'official' when the audience gives the recipient a standing ovation of appreciation for their contributions to the music we all love, cherish and save.  Each recipient is requested to provide photographs, bios, and something important from their musical career to place on display in the Pioneer Music Museum where the Hall of Fame is located.  The collection over the last 45 years is huge.  All items placed with the Hall of Fame become the sole property of the Hall of Fame.  It fills an entire building in Anita, Iowa, and we are seeking ways and means to expand.  That requires money.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, all donations are totally tax deductible.  Help us save the precious cultural legacy left to us by our settlers, homesteaders, and rural folks of the upper Midwest.  Make all donations out to NTCMA, P. O. Box 492, Anita, Iowa, 50020  Do it today, we need your help.  All of the Hall of Fame inductees are on display in the Pioneer Music Museum in Anita, Iowa.  (please see information about the museum at the end of Hall of Fame info.

America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame

2019 Hall of Fame Inductees 
Kylie Austin (New Zealand) nominated by Anne George
Doreen Brown (Canada) nominated by Michael T. Wall
Dan Bowers (Mo) nominated by Mary Franzen
Jimmy Bowen (Tn) nominated by Bob Everhart
Bob Brewer (Ne) nominated by Jeanie Brewer
Gail Davies (Tn) nominated by Board Member
Randall Franks (Ga) nominated by the Morris Brothers
Mark Jenkins (Ia) nominated by Dave Elifrits
Bob Lucas (Oh) nominated by NTCMA
Jeannie C. Riley (Tn) nominated by NTCMA
Jeannie Seely (Tn) nominated by NTCMA

Lifetime Achievement Award
Rod Brandt (Australia) nominated by the NTCMA
David Green (Ia) nominated by Roger & Maria Petersen
Ed Gary (Az) nominated by Bob Everhart
Joyce Leonard (Mi) not able to come in 2018

Rural Roots Music Commission CD of the Year Awards
Annie & Terri Avery, "Old Time Traditional Music CD of the Year" for "Playing Favorites"
Kylie Austin (New Zealand) "International Honky Tonk CD of the Year" for "Where You Been"
Doreen Brown (Canada) "International Old Time Country Music CD of the Year" for "Should I Cross the Line"
Kimberly Kay Bachman "Traditional Gospel CD of the Year" for "Old Time Gospel"
Cowboy Joe Babcock (Tn) "Western Swing CD of the Year" for "Swingtown"
Adam Burrows (NC) "Traditional Bluegrass CD of the Year" for "It's Called Bluegrass"
Rod Brandt (Australia) "International Traditional CD of the Year" for "Dusty Roads"
The Center State Bluegrass Band (Mo) "Progressive Folk Music CD of the Year" for "Wilderness"
Chris Davis (Tn) "Contemporary Bluegrass CD of the Year" for "The Big Picture"
Josh Daniels (Mo) "Classic Country CD of the Year" for "I Can't Stay"
Christian Davis (Tn) "Modern Bluegrass CD of the Year" for "The Big Picture"
Billy Egr (Fl) "Classic Gospel CD of the Year" for "I'm Not Ashamed of the Gospel"
Larry Harms (Mo) "Missouri Traditional CD of the Year" for "Country Songs"
Luanne Hunt (Ca) "Contemporary Country CD of the Year" for "Backroads, Bottles, and Blues"
Allen & Jill Kirkham "Traditional Western CD of the Year" for "Cowboy Classics"
Pam Linton (Mn) "Country Folk CD of the Year" for "Loves Ring Of Fire"
Ben McClure (Ia) "Traditional Country CD of the Year" for "Movin' Forward"
Jason Martin (Newfoundland) "International Heritage CD of the Year" for "Our Newfoundland"
Larry Mercer (Canada) "International Classic Country CD of the Year" for "Full Speed Ahead"
New Legacy Bluegrass Band (Il) "Bluegrass Old Time Gospel CD of the Year" for "One Day At A Time
Donnie Poindexter (Ok) "Old Time Western CD of the Year" for "Those Cowboys of Old"
Ramblin' Rangers (Brad Exton) (SD) "Classic Western CD of the Year" for "High Hopes and Hard-Luck Trails"
Siegmann Family (Ne) "Bluegrass Gospel CD of the Year" for "In The Shadow of your Wings"
Hilary Scott (Wa) "Popular Country CD of the Year" for "Don't Call Me Angel"
Hurricane Mike Thompson (Canada) "International Instrumental CD of the Year" for "A Dobro Christmas"
Edwin Tibbals (Ca) "Classic Western CD of the Year" for "Western World"
Lindsay Waddington (Australia) "International Classic Country CD of the Year" for "Nullarbor"
Barry Wared (Ks) "Classic Cowboy Music CD of the Year" for "Coyotes & Cattle"

2018  Inductees
Doug Kershaw, The Ragin' Cajun was our special guest and Hall of Fame inductee in 2018.  We had a ton of deserving individuals from the upper Midwest too.  Tom Goetzinger from New Prague, Mn., is a radio station manager that 'insists' the music played on his station is 'classic' and 'traditional' country music.  Shirley McCord a long-time keyboardist from Skunk River Iowa.  Rick Borg from Sioux City, Iowa, a long-time supporter and performer of traditional music in his area.  Lloyd Back from Australia a 'star' of country music in his country.  Stanley Knipfer from Keosauqua celebrated performing traditional country music for 50 years.  Ed Sealy from Woodstock, ew Brunswick, Canada, has been performing traditional gospel most of his life.  Earl Binns from Winterset, Iowa, is the 'bass player' to call for and performs in a number of bands.  Buddy Sizemore from Lincoln, Nebraska, a life long supporter and performer of traditional country music.  Angie Senger from Cambridge, Minnesota, long-time performer and composer of classic country both in Minnesota and Arizona.  Jeffrey Lee from Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin a life-time performer of classic country.  Billy Darren Solberg from Weyauwega, Wisconsin, a long-time performer of classic country.  Arnold Parker from St. Louis, Missouri long-time country picker.  Hack Martin from St. Louis, Missouri, long time country music performer.  Terry Durr from LeMars, Iowa. long-time classic country drummer
Sherwin & Pam Linton from  Minneapolis, Minnesota, long-time performers of classic country with emphasis on Johnny Cash.  Cookie Eller from Oklahoma long-time performer of both classic country.  Jody Green from Oklahoma long-time performer of classic country and early rock.  Frank Ray from Hillsboro, Missouri, long-time bluegrass mandolin picker.  
Paul & Mattie Maloy from Eufala, Oklahoma, lifetime devotees to old-time country and gospel music creating their own performance center in Eufala.  Kody Norris, TN, the bluegrasser that has picked up the legend of Jimmy Martin and carrying this traditional style of bluegrass music on.
Sherwin & Pam Linton, Minneapolis, Mn, Country Sondtrack CD of the Year for "Forever On The Stage."  Dick Moebakken, Minneapolis, Mn, Traditional Old Time CD of the Year for "The Good Old Songs."  Elaine Peacock, Elk Point, SD, Children's Country CD of the Year for "The World Is full of Colors."  Betse Ellis & Clarke Wyatt, Kansas City, Mo, Traditional Music CD of the Year for "River Still Rise."  Barry Ward, Eureka, Ks, Classic Cowboy Music CD of the Year for "Coyotes & Cattle."  Annie & Terri Avery, Rowan, Ia, Down Home Country CD of the Year for "Playing Music With Our Friends."  Dale Heeren, Monticello, Ia, Old Time Country CD of the Year for "They Call Me A Weekend Cowboy."  Mary Rachel Nalley, Mountain City, Tn, Traditional Fiddle CD of the Year for "Headed Back to Bowling Green."  Bruce & Betsy Mullen, Northport, Wa, Original Gospel CD of the Year for "Something To Sing about."  Carol Markstrom. Catalina, Az, Country & Western CD of the Year for "Desert Rose."  Lloyd Back Nanango, Queensland, Australia, Real Country CD of the Year for "Travelling With You."  Tom Hawk, Cumberland, Md, Western Yodel CD of the Year for "Earning My Spurs."  Bobby Darren, Kaukauna, Wi, Country Good Times CD of the Year for "Where The Good Times Go."  Sheila Marie, Kaukauna, Wi, Classic Country CD of the Year for ""Country All The Way Around."  Ed Sealy, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada, International Gospel CD of the Year for "Winter Coat."  Dewey & Leslie Brown, Burlington, NC, Traditional American Bluegrass CD of the Year for "Under The Mountain."  Allen & Jill Kirkham, Custer, SD, Original Western CD of the Year for "Sunrise On The Prairie." Nelson Family, Princeton, Ontario, Canada, Traditional Bluegrass Music CD of the Year for "The Little Boy With The Mandolin."  New Legacy Music, Bloomington, Il Classic Bluegrass Gospel CD of the Year for "Simple Truth."  Frank Ray & Cedar Hill, Hillsboro, Mo, Bluegrass CD of the Year for "Cedar Hill - By Request."  John Lilly, Charleston, WV, Traditional Mountain Music CD of the Year for "Last Chance To Dance."  Todd Souhrada, Honky Tonk CD of the Year for "Souhrada Country."  Storm Seymour, Tama, Ia, Classic Gospel CD of the Year for "Angels."  Don Joy & Melanie Lynn, Lynchburg, Mo, Classic Western Swing CD of the Year for "You And That Old Texas Swing."   Michael Johnathon, Lexington, Ky, Rural Country CD of the Year for "SongFarmer."  Danny Darren, Weyauwega, Wi, Traditional Patriotic CD of the Year for "Forgotten Memories."  Jeffrey Lee, Fond Du Lac, Wi, Wisconsin Country CD of the Year for "Sings Favorites."  

2017 Inductees
Loretta Lynn Grand Ole Opry star and longtime superstar of country music (award accepted by Bart Hansen, her opening concert act); Samuel. P. Branstetter longtime Missouri old-time country music performer; Danny Darren (brother of Bobby Darren) longtime country performer from Wisconsin; Dave Elifrits longtime country music picker, singer, writer from Missouri; Buck Helton, longtime singer, performer, cowboy and western music from Texas; Leland Jones, longtime country music recording artist, performer, promoter, from Missouri; Allen & Nancy Jensen creative and original country music artists from Minnesota
LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD  Dave Berg, Executive Producer, NBC's 'Tonight Show' mandolin and acoustic guitar picker from California;  George Miklas, sole living member of the Harmonicats, long-time harmonica player from Pennsylvania;   Jenny Blackadder, established  and recognized as the 'Queen of the 4-string tenor banjo' in New Zealand;   David Davis, traditional bluegrass preservationist from Alabama;   Lucy Jackson, keyboardist for Hank Thompson, life time dedication playing country music from Arkansas;   Bobby Lewis, lifetime performer, Grand Ole Opry performer, lifetime dedication to traditional country music, from Tennessee;   Wade Landry, grew up playing Cajun music, recording artist, concert performer, from Louisiana;   Bobby Darren, long time traditional and classic country performer, writer, recording artist, from Wisconsin;   Curt Shoemaker, longtime professional steel player, records with Martina McBride, from Kansas (Award made at the Fremont, Nebraska Festival)
LIVING LEGEND AWARD Gretta Elkin from North Ireland,  life-time dedication to American style of traditional and classic country music, including the preservation of old-time yodeling;    Harry Rusk from Canada, a lifetime country music artist, composer, performer, staying with the genre under incredibile duress and stress throughout his life.
RURAL ROOTS MUSIC COMMISSION "CD OF THE YEAR" AWARDS -  Bryan Chalker from England, International Country for "Legacy"  -  Kim Plender from South Dakota, Classic Female Country for "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things'  -  Ted & Alice Miller from Nebraska, Young Original for "Adults Don't Speak"  -  Bobby Lewis from Tennessee, Single of the Year for "Hitchhiking Rides To Memories In My Mind"  -  Ken Melus from Nebraska, Memory CD for "Last Of The Summer Wine" - Jeffrey Messerole from Iowa, Traditional Folk for "Halfway Home"  -  Bill Bryant from Montana, Traditional Gospel for "Jesus Is Coming Back Down"  - Larry Robertson & Back In The Saddle from California, Traditional Western for "Born To Be Branded"  -  David Green from Iowa, Traditional Hillbilly Gospel for "Gospel Favorites #1"  -  Janine Sherry from Minnesota, Traditional Yuletide Christmas for "Christmas Songs To You"  -  Terry Smith from Tennessee, Legendary Gospel for "Lift up Your Voice And Sing"  - Terry Robbins from Alabama, Legendary Classic Country for "New Memories" Award was made at the Fremont, Nebraska, Festival  -  Mike Johnson from Virginia, Legendary Honkytonk for "Let Me Die In A Honky Tonk" -  Bobby Darren from Wisconsin, Real Country for "Real Country"  -  Mike Felten from Illinois, Real Folk Music for "Diamonds & Television"  -  Sandra Krueger from Michigan, Real Country Gospel for "When We Meet Again"  -  Little Riddles from Minnesota, Old Time Americana Country for "Little Riddles"  -  Jan Schiferl from Nebraska, Old Time Western Country for "The Game Horse"  -  K. C. Groves from Colorado, Old Time Bluegrass for "Happy Little Trees"  -  Marty Davis from Oregon, Western Music for "Legends & Choices"-  Barry Ward from Kansas, Cowboy CD for "Welcome Home"  -  Dennis Stroughmatt from Illinois, Classic Country & Western for "One More Time"  -  Terry Juhl from Iowa, Down Home Country for "The Good Life"-  Stangl Family from Nebraska, Vintage Gospel for "Telling His Story"  -  Rayne Magill from Iowa, Homegrown Gospel for "Thank You Lord"  -  Allen Karl from Maryland and Donna Cunningham from Ohio, Duet Classic Country for "Doin' Those Covers"  -  Don Joy & Melanie Lynn from Missouri, Duet Classic Gospel for "He Looks Down From The Cross"  -  Luanne Hunt from California, Classic Country for "The Heart Of It All - Songs From The Valley"  -  R. E. Earnest from Tennessee, Classic Gospel for "Higher Fire"  -  Carol Markstorm from Texas, Original Western for "Crossing Borders"  -  Ron Dupuy from Iowa, Original Classic Country for "Songs I Wrote"  -  Slim Forsythe from Pennsylvania, Original Traditional Country for "Greatest Hits"  -  Alice Black from Virginia, Young Traditional Country for "The Yodeling Mule"  -  Aspen Black from Virginia, Classic Western for "Lovin' The West"  -  Josh Daniels from Missouri, Classic Country for "Grassroots Country."
2016 Inductees
Danny Williams long time steel player from California; Johnny Counterfeit long-time impressionist originally from Omaha now from Tennessee; The Browns, very successful family gospel group from Iowa; Bobby Darren long-time traditional and classic country star of RFD-TV from Wisconsin; Jack (father) and Mike (son) Langley, famous regional and international performers, songwriters, and promoters from Iowa; Abe Reddekopp western music preservationist and performer from Missouri; Dennis Perry, long-time regional classic and traditional country music performer from Iowa; Harold (father) and David (son) Green, long-time regional performers and preservationists of early country music from Iowa; Rod Bryant, long-time national and international classic country composer and performer from Australia; Chuck Hancock, regional performer, recording artist and promoter from Florida;
LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - Annie Avery from Iowa; Mike Johnson from Virginia; Rick & Harriette Andersen from Iowa; Francis Hahn from Iowa; Jay Kelly from Nebraska; Dale Eichor from Iowa
LIVING LEGEND AWARD - Claude Gray (The Family Bible) from Texas; Betty Rydell from Minnesota; Morris Brothers from Georgia; Ben Steneker from Holland; T J Casey from Montana; Gordon Wilcox from Canada; Michael T Wall from Newfoundland
RISING LEGEND AWARD - Matthew Davis from Nebraska and now Tennessee; Ross Family from Arkansas;
RURAL ROOTS MUSIC COMMISSION "CD OF THE YEAR" AWARD - Allyn Anderson, Iowa (Christian Folk for 'Planet Anderson") - Luanne Hunt, California (Classic Country for "Songs From The Valley") - James Adelsberger, Virginia (Instrumental for "Country Sounds") - Mary Kaye, Utah (Female Western for "Ride A Wide Circle") - Chari Heldenbrand, Iowa (Rural Country for "A Little Piece of Heavenly Country") - Matthew Davis, Tennessee (Country Instrumental for "By Request") - Elaine Peacock, South Dakota (Soft Country for "The Songs of Dennis Morgan")  - Adam Pope, Tennessee (Storytelling Music for "Story and Song")- Allen & Matt Carlson, Minnesota (Down Home Gospel for "What Really Matters")  - Adam Knight Family, Tennessee (Vintage Gospel for "Hallelujah Kinda Day") - Doug Figgs, New Mexico  (Traditional Western for "A Cowboy Like Me") - John Rex Reeves, Texas (Classic Country for "Classic Country Gold") - J. Jeffrey Messerole, Iowa (Contemporary Folk for "Kingsnakes Bite")  - Gary Gibbs, Arkansas (Mountain Gospel for "Beyond The Sunset")  -  Alex Smith, New York (Live Country Folk for "The North Country Sessions") - Ross Family, Arkansas (Young Gospel for "Higher Ground")  - Joe Babcock, Tennessee (Western Swing for "Trail Jazz")  - Mary Channer & Molly Paul, Nebraska (Traditional Gospel for "Our Gospel Favorites")  - Red Johnson, Minnesota  (Songwriter of the Year for "Say Yes Again") - Buffalo Gals, from England (Old Time Mountain Music for "Won't You Come Out Tonight")  ; Don Joy & Melanie Lynn from Missouri (First Class Country for "Wade Jackson Tribute Album")  - Royal Wade Klimes from Arkansas (Country & Western for "Shadows of Time:)  -  Angie Senger from Minnesota (Female Traditional Country for "Country Memories") - Tommy Buller from Tennessee (Country Blues for "Halfway To Texas")  - Aces & Eights from South Dakota (Rural Music for "Aces & Eights") - Bill Clark from Colorado (Male Country & Western for "The Man I Am")  - Terry Smith from Nashville (Country of the Year for "The 2nd Time Around")  - Calvin Duhachek from Iowa (Ragtime of the Year for "Mostly Rags")
2015 Inductees
Danney Williams (one of Kansas's most prolific guitarists. Inducted in Fremont, Nebr., at Rural Roots Music Gathering); Gloria Nihart (regional performer and promoter from Minnesota); Joe Morrison (very popular regional disc jockey from South Dakota); Butch Heath (regional performer, recording artist, emcee, promoter from Michigan); Roni, Patsy, & Donna Stoneman (for the Stoneman Family) (national and international stars of old-time country, Grand Ole Opry, and Hee Haw); Debbie Dahl (local performer and promoter from Iowa); Randy Barlow (regional gospel songwriter, recording artist, performer from Tennessee); Glenn Douglas and Dottie Snow Tubb, lifetime promoters, recording artists, songwriter "Skip A Rope", record shop in Nashville, performers from Tennessee.) Also accepted for Ernest Tubb (deceased); Wade & Teresa Landry (long-time regional and national performers, recording artists, promoters of Cajun music from Missouri); Paul Wold (regional banjo performer and backing artist from Nebraska); T. J. Casey (regional and national performer, recording artist, poet, songwriter, promoter from Montana); Helen & Ian Braithwaite (international performers and promoters from New Zealand); John & Gwenn Noftsger (regional and national performers and recording artists from  Indiana ); Phil Nussbaum (performer, specializes on banjo, songwriter, recording artist, national PBS and NPR radio personality from Minnesota); George Cargill (regional emcee); Matt Boone (national and international recording artist, songwriter, performer from Tennessee); Brendy Kay Perry (national performer and recording artist from Florida); Ed Gary (performer, recording artist, emcee, promoter from Arizona); Ronnie Jay Wheeler (regional recording artist, performer, writer from Texas); Tom Campbell (regional and national recording artist, studio musician, performer, writer from Tennessee); Anita Bryant (International super star, recording artist, performer, writer, from Texas); Taylor Pie (International folk artist, performer, writer, recording artist from Tennessee); Mike Headrick (studio engineer, record label, promoter from Tennessee); Don King (International recording star, writer, recording artist, studio engineer from Tennessee); Billy Chernoff (regional performing artist, recording artist, promoter, songwriter from Montana)
LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT - Bob Sweeny, Iowa - Rex Allen Jr. & Rex Allen (deceased) from New Mexico - Harry Rusk from Canada (delayed until 2017) - Margie LeBlanc from Texas - Susan Crowe from New Zealand - Bernie Worrell from Florida - Michael T Wall from Newfoundland - Jerry Haskew from Tennessee -
RISING LEGEND - Twang, Anna Caldwell, Lilyanne McCool, Mary Parker, Gabi Pervis from Arkanas - Calvin Duhachek from Iowa
OLD-TIME FIDDLER'S HALL OF FAME - Dennis Stroughmatt from Illinois - Chris Daring from Texas
RURAL ROOTS MUSIC COMMISSION "CD OF THE YEAR" AWARD - Tanner Young, Oklahoma (Classic Gospel for "Master's Call") - The Knight Family from Tennessee (Vintage Gospel for "Armed & Ready") - Roy King  (Honky Tonk for "Hell's Highway) - Billy Chernoff from Montana (Pure Country Gospel for "All Roads Lead To Me"") - Donna Scheer from Wyoming (Old Time Folk for "Simply Donna" - Greg Hager from Arizona (Country & Western for "In The Valley Below") - Mark Brine from Maryland (Old Time Blues for "All Alone & Blue") - Julia Neville (Young Country Single for "Six Strings Are Hard On Diamond Rings) - Purdy River Band from Iowa (Vintage Bluegrass for "Midnight Run") - Don King & Second Nature from Tennessee (Vintage Country for "First Adventure") - Jerry Haskew from Tennessee (Classic Folk for "Songs From The Fiery Gizzard") - Rodney Morss (Modern Gospel for "Almost Home") -  David Green from Iowa (Old Time Country for "Like 1950 At The Grand Ole Opry") - Aspen Black (Female Country Western for "Eastern Western Cowgirl") - Roger Kenaston from Nebraska (Instrumental Gospel for "Gospel Guitar") - James Adelsberger from Virginia (Pure Country for "Are They Really Dead & Gone) - Sherwin Linton from Minnesota (American Patriotic for Thank You For Serving") - Wally Sanderrson from Australia  (Traditional Gold for "Memories of Gold) - Terry Juhl from Iowa (Patriotic for "Spirit of America") - Chad Elliott from Iowa (Contemporary Folk for "So Sang The Crow") - Allen & Nancy Jensen from Minnesota (Old Style for "Thanks Jack") - Lex K from Australia (International Traditional Country for "Well Traveled Road") - Ted & Alice Miller from Nebraska (Americana for "Small Talk") - Barry Ward from Colorado (Western CD of the Year for "Distant Furrows, Pickin' Plowin & Playin'") - Krystin Harris from Texas (Pure Country & Western for "Down The Trail") - Joni Morris from California (Vintage Gospel for "Currie's Favor") - Hilary Scott from Missouri (Vintage Folk for "Freight Train Love") - Don Joy & Melanie Lynn from Missouri (Vintage Classic Country for "You'll Wish You Were Back In My Arms") - Red Johnson from Minnesota (Vintage Country for "Mrs. Johnson") - S. R. Dugan from Minnesota (Contemporary Gospel for "Memorial Lane") - Delaney Johnston from North Dakota (Young Country for "Your Looking At Country") - Angie Senger from Minnesota (Female Country for "Legendary Ladies") - Emma Heyen from Iowa (Young Western for
Lulu Roman (internationally known super star of country music and comedy from Hee Haw from Tennessee); John Carter Cash (son of Johnny & June Carter Cash performer, recording artist, record producer, writer, vocalist from Tennessee ); Larry Long (Smithsonian-Folkways creator of 'Elder's Wisdom' from Minnesota)
2013 Inductees
Olen Davis (formerly with Bill Monroe, guitarist, bluegrass singer); Elva Myers (fiddler from Kansas); Kenny Seratt (The guy given credit for teaching Merle Haggard how to sing); Ron Wilburne (sang with the New Christy Minstrels); Joanne Cash (younger sister of Johnny Cash, mover and shaker behind the restoration of the Cash boyhood home in Dyess, Arkansas); Dr. Harry Yates (husband of Joanne Cash and founder of Cowboy Church in Nashville); Barbara Fairchild (hit recording artist of 'Teddy Bear'); Roy Morris (popular Branson performer and producer and husband of Barbara Fairchild); Maynard Dahl (longtime local country singer and supporter); Mickey Gilley (hit recording artist of "Room Full of Roses" and tons more.  His appearance was his first 'unplugged' performance); Cindy Hill (gifted singer from North Carolina); Annette Hawkins & Kim Copedo (incredibly gifted duet from New Zealand with several hit records); Marcia Greve (local long-time supporter and vocalist)
LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - Dave Wilburn from West Virginia
RISING LEGEND AWARD - Jaycee Lynn from Missouri
 2012 Inductees
Michael Martin Murphey (super international songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, recording artist, promoter, TV and radio star from Colorado); Lynn Anderson (Super-star vocalist and recording artist, songwriter, performer from Texas/ Liz Anderson best known for songwriting abilities, Lynn Anderson's mother, deceased); Peter Trenholm (Nova Scotian singer, DJ, recording artist, collector, writer, performer, promoter); Sharon Mescher (bones player from Iowa); Marge Lund (singer, recording artist from Iowa); Sherrill Douglas (vocalist, music preservationist from Texas); Big John Pedersen (vocalist, guitarist, promoter from Iowa); Wade Leggett (Dobro player, fiddler, professional musician from Texas); Bill Atterberry (Emcee, performer, vocalist, comic, from Missouri); Reginald Benoit (musician, vocalist, recording artist, perform, from Canada); Don Grubb (harmonica player from Minnesota); Don Hupp (vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, bluegrass performer, from Missouri); Bill Hendren (vocalist, recording artist, guitarist, from Iowa); George Rogers (Resonator guitar, promoter, from Texas); Dave Wilburn (guitarist, vocalist, recording artist, from Virginia); Janine Sherry (vocalist, songwriter, recording artist, guitarist, from Minnesota); Red Schoen (musician from Iowa); John Rex Reeves (Jim Reeve's nephew, vocalist, guitarist, popular recording artist, from Texas); The Reed Boys (all professional vocalists & guitarists, musicians, from Arkansas); Wayne Schollmeyer (musician from Nebraska, deceased); Darrell Schollmeyer (musician from Nebraska); Frank Seymour (musician from Iowa); Richard & Lee Carr (musicians, vocalists, promoters, from Texas); Marvin Bredemeir (fiddler for Hank Thompson, from Kansas);
LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS - Paul & Mattie Malloy from Oklahoma, Norville Dollar from Missouri, Paul & Geneva Martinez from Texas, June Webb from Florida, Alla Karl from Maryland, Red Johnson from Minnesota
OLD TIME FIDDLER'S HALL OF FAME- Marvin Bredemeir, Kansas
2011 Inductees
Rich Bellert (Emcee, cowboy poet, western historian, from Minnesota); Charley Boyter (longtime country music performer from New South Wales, Australia); Jim Ed Brown (Grand Ole Opry super star, recording artist of "The Three Bells" "Lamplighter" and many many more, from Tennessee); Shirley Butt (longtime country performer from Spaniards Bay, Newfoundland); Helen Cornelius (Grand Ole Opry super star, vocalist, recording artist, from Tennessee); Bob Duff (Emcee, promoter, sponsor, fund raiser, music historian, from Newport Beach, California); Crystal River (regional band performing traditional country and gospel music.  Cookie Eller, Jody Bill Green, Stan Gray, G. C. Moore, Herb Battenfield, from Oklahoma); KG & The Ranger (Karen Gogolick & Rick Roltgen, long time traditional music performers and recording artists from Wisconsin); Bill Lear (long time regional player of country music, comedy, from Missouri); Freddy Larson (long-time harmonica player from Iowa); Little Roy & The Lewis Family (long time national old-time gospel performers, extremely popular and well known from Georgia); Rick McEwen (long time vocalist with the Dillards and a country vocalist from Branson, Missouri); Michael Montana (grandson of Patsy Montana, vocalist, emcee, from Alabama); Jody Nix (western and western swing artist and preservationist from Texas); Eddie Pennington (Merle Travis style guitarist and preservationist from Kentucky); Janie Preston (long time regional performer and comic, from Texas); Joyce Shaffer (long time patriotic country music star, from Colorado); June Webb (long-time performer with Hank Williams and Roy Acuff, the only Smoky Mountain Girl, from Florida); Bobby Yates (long time regional star of traditional country music from Florida)
OLD TIME FIDDLER'S HALL OF FAME - John Shaw, Nebraska; Jason Shaw, Nebraska
2010 Inductees
Patti Page (international super star, recording artist of "Tennessee Waltz" from California); Whispering Bill Anderson (Grand Ole Opry superstar, huge record sales internationally rom Tennessee); Cindy Cash ( daughter of Johnny Cash, music recording artist and preservationist from California); Kerry Christensen (long time professional yodeler, recording artist, vocalist, performer from Utah); Roger Tibbs (long time international yodeler, performer, recording artist from New Zealand); Cookie Eller (long time regional performer, recording artist from Oklahoma); Bob Richter (long time regional band director, performer, dance master from Iowa); Bill Rainey (international DJ, songwriter, performer, promoter from Tennessee): Dave Brinkman (banjoist, performer, bluegrasser, PHD in mu sic, preservationist from Wyoming): Andy Glandt (international banjo player, performer, preservationist from Germany): Dale Howard (performer, recording artist, promoter from Texas): Jim Reeves (International recording artist extremely successful, no deceased): Johnny Ray Gomez (accordionist, master musician, performer from Nebraska): Merlyn Hansen (regional performer, preservationist from Iowa); Betsy Barnett (long time performer now deceased); Clarence Hayden (regional performer, recording artist from Kansas): Earl Gleason (performer, recording artist of country and western music from New Mexico)
RISING LEGEND AWARD - Rainbow Ranch Girls (young performing girl band from Marton, New Zealand)
2009 Inductee
Rex Allen Sr. (deceased) and Rex Allen Jr. (both long time recording artists of western music and cowboy music stars from Arizona); Marty Robbins (deceased internationally famous recording artist of western themed music); Maria Rose & Danny Wlswick (long time regional recording artists and performers from Maryland); Perk Washenberger (deceased accordionist an highly acclaimed bass player from South Dakota); Razzy Bailey (star of country blues, recording artist, performer from Tennessee); Wayne Longtin Sr. (deceased regional country music performer and promoter from Iowa): Bruce & Elaine Nelson (long time regional performers from Minnesota): Merv & Norma Pelham (international performers and promoters from New Zealand): Leroy New (long time regional performer and picker, recording artist, musician from Missouri): Elaine Peacock (long time regional performer, promoter, recording artist, musician from South Dakota); Scotty Gosson (longtime guitarist and bluegrass music performer from Oregon); John Levan (regional preservationist from Texas); Bobby Ray Spears (performer, recording artist, preservationist from Texas); Jody Bill Green (long time classic and traditional country player and performer, recording artist from Oklahoma); Dawn Petty (recording artist, fiddler, vocalist from Kansas); Robert & Candy Ownby (long time regional performers, writers, recording artists from Kentucky); Eddy Harrison (well known regional recording artist, performer, preservationist from Texas); Tommy Helms (music heritage preservationist, legacy performer, recording artist, vocalist, guitarist from Texas); Ed & Kathy Dovel (Ed deceased - long time traditional and classic country preservationists and performers, professional studio  from Nebraska ); Mike Mullalley (long time promoter and supporter from Iowa);
2008 Inductees
Pamela Dawn Ahsby (regional performer and recording artist from Nebraska); Blackwood Brothers (long time national gospel performers and recording artists from Tennessee); Alan Barron (long time international recording artist, performer from New Zealand steve Butts (performer, promoter, supporter from Florida); Johnny Bond (deceased national and internationally famous recording artist, songwriter, musician, performer): Debbie Bridgewater (performer from Texas); Bill Clifton (master preservationist, songwriter, bluegrass performer, promoter from Virginia); Jim Dobson (long time regional performer, recording artist from Indiana); Delmore Brothers (deceased, national and international recording artists, performers, promoters, accepted by daughter); Stan Hitchcock (long time performer, recording artist, television host and producer, promoter from Tennessee); Scotty Howard (long time regional bluegrass music performer, promoter, preservationist from Oklahoma);  Bill & Dustin Hunt (father-son both deceased, long time performers, promoters, Hank Williams Sr. preservationists from Kansas); Craig Howard (long time regional musician from South Dakota); Dick Kimmel (long time regional bluegrass musician, recording artist, performer from Minnesota);m Allen Karl (long time international recording artist, performer, preservationist, television host from Maryland); Des Morgan (international recording artist, performer, preservationist from Australia); Noel Smith (international recording artist, performer, promoter from Australia); Arthur Matchett (international recording artist, performer, MC from New Zealand); Mattie & Paul Maloy (regional performer, promoter, from Oklahoma); Morris Brothers (long time international traditional country gospel performers and  award winning recording artists from Georgia); Maddox Brothers & Rose (National hillbilly artists, performers, recording artists from Oregon); Murl Patrick (long time regional performer, recording artist, dance master from South Dakota); Carroll Parham (regional preservationist from Texas); Maria Petersen (zither player, international player from Bavaria, Germany); Poppy Rasmussen (regional musician, performer, recording artist from Wisconsin); Frank Ray (national bluegrass musician, performer, recording artist, writer from Missouri); Ed Roth (long time promoter, supporter, performer from Ohio); Ola Bell Reed (deceased nationally known performer and recording artist, accepted by her son); Andy Stanley (regional recording artist, songwriter, performer from Michigan); Spike & Valley Mae Stroop (long time performers, preservationists, musicians from Virginia); Barry & Judy Skinner (international recording artists and performers from New Zealand); Dusty & Fay Spittle (international recording artists, songwriters, preservationists from New Zealand); Warrick & May Sinclair (international performer, supporter, promoter from New Zealand);m Hal Willis (national recording artist, performer, preservationist)
OLD TIME FIDDLER'S HALL OF FAME - Daniel Giles, South Dakota
2007 Inductees
David Steele (regional recording artist and performer from Nebraska); Johnny Bellar (Master of the Dobro, recording artist, writer, performer from Tennessee); Bobby Atkins (Master regional bluegrass recording artist, performer, writer from North Carolina); Helen & Ian Braithwaite (international artists, performers, recording artists, promoters from New Zealand): Jenny Blackadder (Master 4-string tenor banjoist, artist, recording artist, performer, promoter from New Zealand); John Cox (regional performer, promoter, recording artist, preservationist from Nebraska); Lyle Edwards (Master acoustic guitarist, performer, preservationist from Iowa); Elton Flodman (regional performer, promoter, preservationist from Nebraska); Flakespear (Master old-time banjo player, banjo maker, recording artist, promoter from Florida); Kathy Grinstead (Tipi Village preservationist, promoter, sponsor from Iowa); Charley Groth (long time national musician, performer, recording artist from Florida); Anne George (international performer, recording artist, festival promoter from New Zealand); Jerry & Sharon Hytrek (Master regional clog dancers and instructor from Iowa); Horn Twins (long time regional old time gospel performers and promoters from Oklahoma); Heather Holland (international performer, recording artist, promoter from New Zealand); Red Johnson (national Capitol recording artist, long time national TV songwriter, national performer, promoter from Minnesota); Margie LeBlanc (regional performer, recording artist from Texas); Jim Malone Family (regional and national performers, recording artists, promoters from Nebraska); Charlie McCoy (Master harmonica instrumentalist, international performer, recording artist, studio musician, promoter from Tennessee); Peter Paul & Morrie (regional folk artists, performers, recording artists from Nebraska); Melissa & Francis Graeme Partridge (international recording artists from New Zealand); Ginny & Errol Peters (international recording and performing artist, writer, promoter, preservationist from New Zealand); Bill Petersen (Master instrument builder, repair, performer, preservationist from Iowa); Maggie Penn (regional performer, recording artist, promoter from Illinois); Bobby G. Rice (international recording artist, performer, writer from Tennessee); Joyce Smith (International performer, recording artist from Canada); George Myren (international performer and recording artist from Canada); Red Steagall (international recording artist, performer, radio & television host, preservationist from Texas); Carson Stacey (local musician, recording artist, performer from Nebraska); Donnie Young (regional recording artist, performer, promoter from Missouri); Jim Murphy (regional recording artist, performer, theater host, performer  from New Jersey): Ervin Pickhinke (regional recording artist, promoter, performer from Iowa); Jimmy Payne (songwriter, performer, recording artist from Tennessee); Manda Lynn (regional performer, recording artist from Missouri); Dean Hudlow (regional old-time gospel recording artist, performer, promoter, from Oklahoma)
OLD TIME FIDDLER'S HALL OF FAME - Jake Simpson, Oklahoma - Dawn Regeher, South Dakota
2006 Inductees
Brenda Allen (regional and national performer from Nebraska); Carlene Carter (performer, daughter of June Carter from Tennessee); June Carter Cash (deceased); Kirk Brandenberger (bluegrass performer and promoter from Iowa); Connie Lee (regional performer, recording artist from Minnesota); Kenneth Eidson (deceased - Lonzo & Oscar portrayer); Roger Davis (regional fiddler from Iowa); Jimmy Eaves (songwriter, performer from Texas); Terry & Sharon Graves (long time supporter and sponsor from Nebraska);Tommy Horton (Johnny Horton' illegitimate son, performer from Texas); Johnny Horton (deceased); John Hargiss (performer, instrument luthier from Nebraska); Jimmie James (regional recording artist, performer from Michigan); Leon Logan (long time regional performer from Iowa); Bobby Lewis (national recording artist, performer, lute player from Tennessee); Jody Miller (national recording artist 'Queen of the House' performer from Oklahoma); Paul Maloy (national songwriter "Oceanfront Property in Arizona" performer, recording artist from Oklahoma); Bud Moore (regional performer from Pennsylvania); Howard Ness (regional performer, emcee from Iowa); Dusty Owens (regional recording artist, performer, emcee, radio host from Florida); Papio Creek (regional bluegrass band from Nebraska); Stella Parton (national performer, recording artist, sister of Dolly Parton from Tennessee); Claude Pinkley (regional old-time harmonica player and promoter from Nebraska); Charlene Reid (regional performer and recording artist from New York); Thurman Rinehart (regional performer from Oklahoma); Lawson Rudd (regional recording artist, songwriter, performer from Indiana); Tulsa Reed (national harmonica player from Kansas); Jim McCoy (national performer, discovered Patsy Cline, promoter from West Virginia); Harry & Gladys Rusk (international recording artist, songwriter, performer, promoter from Canada); Tommy Riddle (national recording artist and performer from Virginia); Guy Stevenson (performer from Missouri); Ruthie Barnes Steele (national songwriter from Tennessee); Max D. Barnes (international songwriter, recording artist, performer, deceased); Skip Segatto (regional performer from Nebraska); Gladys & Al Strein (regional promoters from Iowa & California); Blinn Sourwine Family (regional performers from Iowa); Jim Hank Singleton (regional performer, recording artist from Alabama); Rhonda Vincent & Family (international recording artist, performer, promoter from Missouri); Joe Watson (regional blues artist from Nebraska); Erling Thomsen (local performer from Iowa); Milton Woodridge (regional recording artist, performer from Alabama)
OLD TIME FIDDLER'S HALL OF FAME - Roger Davis, Iowa - Judith Oliver, South Dakota
2005 Inductees
Chris & Victor Schurman (regional performers from Nebraska); Terry Raff (recording artist, performer from Idaho); Bernie Worrell (international bones player from Florida); Myril Pierce) regional performer from Michigan); Bart Hansen (regular national opening act for Loretta Lynn, performer, recording artist from Iowa); Ken Meyer (regional accordionist and performer from Minnesota); Sid Harkreader (deceased); Scott Davison Family (regional and national performers, songwriters, recording artists from Iowa); Arvilla Kenaston (regional lap-steel player mother of Roger Kenaston from Nebraska); Jimmy Helms (regional recording artist and performer from New Mexico); Jay Kelly (regional and national fiddler/guitarist/vocalist performer, recording artist, teacher from Nebraska); Bob & Nancy Rae Miller Quinlin (journalist from Missouri); Johnson Family (regional performers from South Dakota); The Two M's (performers and recording artists from Canada); Ford Nix (regional performer and recording artist from Michigan); Nancy & Wilbur Renfrow (regional performers from Iowa); Don & Martha DePoy (national performers and recording artists from Maine); Carl DePoy (deceased); Shirley Raye (international performer and recording artist from Alabama); Boyd & Delores Goldapp (performers and promoters from Nebraska); Phil "Al" Roberts (performer, emcee, radio disc jockey from Iowa); Wolfe Milestone (international recording artist and performer from Canada); Carlene Shrabel (regional performer from Oklahoma); Don Miller (regional performer, recording artist from Iowa); Danny McElroy (master banjoist, songwriter, performer, recording artist from Nebraska); Willis & Blanche Flynn (deceased); Wendall Eubanks (regional performer and promoter from Arkansas); John & Marjorie Duttwiler (regional guitar performer from Iowa); Jack Greene (international recording artist, performer, songwriter from Tennessee); Norma Jean (international recording artist, songwriter from Missouri); Tommy Cash (international recording artist, performer, songwriter, brother of Johnny Cash from Tennessee); Margo Smith (international recording artist "It Only Hurts For A Little While" performer, promoter from Tennessee); Ernie Ashworth (international recording artist "Talk Back Trembling Lips" performer, promoter from Tennessee); Kent Thompson (regional performer, radio disc jockey from Nebraska); Peggy Knight (promoter, house keeper of Johnny Cash, from Tennessee); Jack Cole (regional performer, songwriter, recording artist from Georgia); Grady Cole (deceased)
2004 Inductees
Annie Avery, Rowan, Iowa - Wayne Austin, Lodi, California - Ray Banard, Longmont, Colorado - Mark Brine, Baltimore, Maryland - Carson Sisters, Tucson, Arizona - Dee Coleman, Livermore, Iowa - Everett Corbin, Murfreesboro, Tennessee - Bill & Dorothy Cramer, Estilline, South Dakota - Teri Knapp Yaw, Des Moines, Iowa - Danny & Donna Dee, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa - Ethel Delane, Las Vegas, Nevada - Dennis Devine, Council Bluffs, Iowa - George Hamilton IV, Nashville, Tennessee - Don Edwards, Weatherford, Texas -  Paul Flora, Glenallen, Missouri - Freddie Hart, Redfield, California - Francis Hahn, Mapleton, Iowa - Earl & Martha Heywood, Wingham, Canada - Roger, Sharon, an Vanessa Kenaston, Lyon, Nebraska - Sundown Pete & Margie Lane, Columbus, New Mexico - Lincoln Lariviere, Ajax, Canada - Phil & Joyce Leonard, St. Louis, Michigan - Cliff Lister, Gun Barrel City, Texas - Big Bill Lister (deceased) - Doc Martin, Carter Lake, Iowa - Susan Corder Miller, Knoxville, Iowa - Lee Muller, Americus, Kansas - Duane Murley, Rockwell City, Iowa - Charles Moore, Orila, Canada - Lois Kopaska Oleson, Grimes, Iowa - Glenn Osborn, Topeka, Kansas - Redd Stewart (deceased) - Pee Wee King (deceased) - Leon Seiter, Barryton, Michigan - Jay Taylor, Marshville, North Carolina - Don & Lola Taft, Knoxville, Iowa - Sonny & Clara Wooten, Sioux City, Iowa - Larry Good, Rising City, Nebraska - Maurie Goode, Indianola, Iowa - Keith Miller, Sioux City, Iowa
2003 Inductees
Mr & Mrs Lawrence DeGroot, Aurora, South Dakota; - Cindy Uden, Kenesaw, Nebraska - Gaylen Merriweather, Edwardsville, Kansas - Bill Winter, Montrose, Michigan - Michel T Wall, Nefoundland, Canada - Bob Corder, Lancaster, Missouri - Gordon Whitten, Hastings, Nebraska - Bob Barnett, Ankeny, Iowa - Hammer Sisters, Neosho, Missouri - Jett Williams, Nashville, Tennessee - Hank Williams Sr. (deceased) - Ralph Compton, Nashville, Tennessee - Chester Smith, Modesto, California - Bob Tinant, Crookston, Nebraska - Elsie McWilliams, (deceased) - Betty & Owen Swinson, Sulphur Springs, Indiana - Sullivan Family, St. Stephens, Alabama - Keith Bernhagen, Omaha, Nebraska - Vernon Oxford, Franklin, Tennessee - Plain Label, Lincoln, Nebraska - Harold Rowden, Meta, Missouri - Billie Jane Kruse Ormsby, Minnesota - Dwayne Reed Family, Malcolm, Nebraska - Joe Zimmerman, Fort Dodge, Iowa - Don Muzney, Jefferson, Iowa - Lil' Rev, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Alice Benscoter, Westphalia, Iowa - Lee Oskar, Duvall, Washington - Brenda Smith, Des Moines, Iowa - Bernie Nall, Des Moines, Iowa - Dale Wayman, West Des Moines, Iowa - Billy Henson, Murfreesboro, Tennessee - Leroy Van Dyke, Smithton, Missouri
2002 Inductees
Vern Young, Lamar, Missouri - Al & Jean Shade, Myerstown, Pennslvania - Cowboy Joe Babcock, Franklin, Tennessee - Jim Curley, Shawnee, Kansas - Rayne Magill, Cresent, Iowa - John France, Stuart, Iowa - Gordie Brown, Watertown, Massachusetts - Terry Smith, Nashville, Tennessee - Jack Ferguson, Ames, Iowa - Bob Sackett, Emmetsburg, Iowa - Junior Wittstruck, Lincoln, Nebraska - Herb & Blanche Hopp, Louisville, Nebraska - Florence Anderson, Omaha, Nebraska - Carl  Betty Jean Moore, San Antonio, Texas - Umy & The Goodtimers, Collinsville, Oklahoma - Johnny Carson (deceased) - Larry & Donna Harms, Linncoln, Missouri - Jerry Barnett, Honolulu, Hawaii - Walt Peterson, Sioux City, Iowa - Pam Linton, Minneapolis, Minnesota - Dick Hill, Hastings Nebraska - Mike Johnson, Arlington, Virginia - Charlie & Sandy Good, Decorah, Iowa - Vern Koenig, Decorah, Iowa - Tommy Overstreet, Aloha, Oregon - Leon & Elaine Smay, Tabor, Iowa - West Sisters, Lancaster, Missouri - Albert Brumley Jr., Monett, Missouri - Albert Brumley Sr. (deceased) - George Mallory, Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Robbie Wittkowski, Nashville, Tennessee - James Monroe, Nashville, Tennessee - Bill Monroe (deceased) - Paul Bader, Valentine, Nebraska - Hal Cottrell, Bellevue, Nebraska - Glenn Valentine, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Myron Mike O'Neal, Ord, Nebraska, Bill Anderson, Canyon, Texas - Warren McDonald, Lebanon, Missouri - Leona Williams, Branson, Missouri - George Bowe, Laredo, Missouri
OLD TIME FIDDLER'S HALL OF FAME - John Lawler (deceased) - Verle Austal, Wisconisn - George Mallory, South Dakota
2001 Inductees
Pat Courtney, Carlisle, Iowa - Tiny Cook Family, Crete, Nebraska - Jerry Mescher, Halbur, Iowa - Stew Clayton Family, Manitoba, Canada - Don & Albert Lee, Des Moines, Iowa - Randy Fitch, Hinton, Iowa - Dugg Collins, Wichita, Kansas - Teresa Endres, Watertown, South Dakota - Ace Ball, Denver, Colorado - Joe Paul Nichols, Jacksboro, Texas - Lorene Clark, Gheen, Missouri - Shorty Powers (deceased) - Earl & Ruth Smith, Pacific Junction, Iowa - Barefoot Bob Kinney, Bklings, Missouri - Dude Daniels, Ainsworth, Nebraska - Dan Reed, Ankeny, Iowa - Max Cooley, Louisville, Nebraska - Mike Lynch, Wichita, Kansas - Lorne Greenwood, Ontario, Canada - Josh Graves, Nashville, Tennessee - Gordon & Beverly Muhm, Ames, Nebraska - Bob Wingfield, Cairo, Texas - Bailes Brothers (deceased) - Dale Frazier, Lebanon, Missouri - Dew Watson, Hillsboro, Oklahoma - Don Losee, Sioux City, Iowa - Wally Bazyn, Valentine, Nebraska - Bunnie Mills, Kingston, Oklahoma - Charlie Louvin, Nashville, Tennessee - Ira Louvin (deceased) - Chris Taylor, Ashland City, Tennessee - Gaylen Larsen, Manhattan, Kansas
OLD TIME FIDDLER'S HALL OF FAME  - Glen Solinger, South Dakota - John Buckingham, Iowa - Kenny Baker, Tennessee - Bob Walters, Nebraska - Punkin' Thompson, Oklahoma - Tilford Bagstad, Wisconsin - LeRoy Blom, Wisconsin - Jason Huntley, Iowa
2000 Inductees
Claude Gray, Henderson, Texas - Marvin Hawkins, Corydon, Iowa - Jackie Shewey, Cortland, Nebraska - Dave Grimes, Farmer City, Illinois - Gordon Wilcox, Toronto, Canada - Eddie & Daisy Dell Benge, Winterset, Iowa - Stanley Fitch, Correctionville, Iowa - Johnny Western, Wichita, Kansas - Sherwin Linton, Minneapolis, Minnesota - Ed & Jolene Bullard, Tupelo, Oklahoma - Howard Vokes, New Kensington, Pennsylvania - Joe Hick, Guthrie Center, Iowa - Mary Channer Paul, Belgrade, Nebraska - Chuck & Dianne Stearman, Kirksville, Missouri - Crawford Brothers, Glenwood, Iowa - Charlie Ray, Nashville, Tennessee - Dale Reed, Cassville, Missouri - Bill Craven, Taylor, Nebraska - Barbara Hays Ackley, Midwest Country News, Des Moines, Iowa - Ratt Reno, Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Gene "Butch" Meyer, Louisville, Nebraska - Orin Friesen, Wichita, Kansas - Bill Smith, Chariton, Iowa - Marlyce Stockinger, Branson, Missouri - Joe & Linda Buller, Omaha, Nebraska - Buffalo Bill Cody (deceased)
OLD TIME FIDDLER'S HALL OF FAME - Del Baker, California - Bernadette Westegard, South Dakota - Les Sahl, Iowa - Davi Bellegante, Iowa - Jason Huntley, Iowa
1999 Inductees
Beulah Marie Starr, Burlington, Iowa - Rex Burdette, Branson, Missouri - Ben Green, Winfield, Kansas - Pat & Wayne Boilesen, Albion, Nebraska - Dale & Bonnie Sanford, Naples, Florida - Roy Harper, Manchester, Tennessee - Phyllis & Robert Dunne, Omaha, Nebraska - Janet & John McBride, Mesquite, Texas - Donnie DeCamp, Redfield, Iowa - Bill Rexroad, Hutchinson, Kansas - Charlie Blacklock, Alameda, California - Billy Cole Des Moines, Iowa - Rick McWilliams, Meridian Mississippi - Ron Adkins, Plattsmouth, Nebraska - Mike Oatman, Wichita, Kansas - Loren Davidson, Crete, Nebraska - Tom Sharman, Omaha, Nebraska - Smokey Stover, Magnolia, Texas - Bill Eagle, Blair, Nebraska - Don Rich, Dakota City, Nebraska - Richard Anderson, Donna, Texas - Lois Pierson, Iowa
OLD TIME FIDDLER'S HALL OF FAME - Ken Jones, South Dakota - Charlie 'Red' Turner, Iowa - Gene Zortman, Iowa
1998 Inductees
Paul Belanger, New Hampshire - Dorthy Gleason, Missouri - Jim & Rita Maloney, Silver City, Iowa - Dale Eichor, Fort Dodge, Iowa
OLD TIME FIDDLER'S HALL OF FAME - Deborah Greenblatt, Nebraska - Dave & Jane Wimmer, Iowa
1997 Inductees
Arnie & Ruby Newquist, Fullerton, Nebraska - William Martin Morrow, Stanberry, Missouri - Jimmie Rodgers Dale Court, Austin, Texas - Slim Bryant, Kentucky
1996 Inductees
Dick Zion, Council Bluffs, Iowa - McDonald Craig, Tennessee - Smokey Smith, Des Moines, Iowa - Don Rogert, Valley, Nebraska - Sonny Rodgers, South Carolina - Jimmie Rodgers (deceased)(official) - Clifford & Juanita Lynch, Kentucky - Lyle & Fern Miller, Omaha, Nebraska - Delbert & Erma Spray, Missouri - Kenny & Janette Luellen, Louisville, Nebraska - Lester Collier, Shelby, Iowa - Wilf Carter (deceased) - Burl Ives (deceased)
1995 Inductees
Johnny Cash, Nashville Tennessee - J. T. Roberts, Arkansas - Alex & Margaret Kennedy, Council Bluffs, Iowa - Bruce Langham, Mississippi - Tom & Bertha Swatzell, Austin, Texas - Sue & Ernie Ruth, Tabor, Iowa - Mildred Blackledge, Carter Lake, Iowa - Bob & Darlene Zipf, Albion, Nebraska
1994 Inductees
Pat Glendy, Katy, Texas - Kyle Glendy (deceased) - Pat Wade, Honey Creek, Iowa - Ernie Schindler, New London, Missouri - Clay & Margaret Johnson, O'Neill, Nebraska - Rick & Harriette Andersen, Underwood, Iowa - Ben Steneker, Hawksbergan, Holland - Greta Elkin, Londonderry, North Ireland - Everett Collier, Shelby, Iowa
1993 Inductees
Justin Tubb, Nashville, Tennessee - Pee Wee King (deceased) - Fred Rose (deceased) - Sons of the Pioneers, Branson, Missouri
1992 Inductees
George Hay (deceased) - Skillet Lickers (deceased) - Leadbelly 'Huey' Leadbetter (deceased) - Vernon Dalhart (deceased)
1991 Inductees
Lloyd Collier, Iowa - Uncle Billy Dunbar, Iowa - Jack & Florence Arnold, Nebraska - Ragtime Rosie Bingaman, Omaha, Nebraska - Mitchell Johnson, South Dakota - Riley Pucktt (deceased) - Gid Tanner (deceased) - Ralph Peer (deceased) - Bryan Bowers, Washington
1990 Inductees
Conway Twitty, Tennessee - Carl Sprague (deceased) - Gene Autry (deceased) - Mike Schleske, Veracruz, Mexico - Larry Sparks, Tennessee
1989 Inductees
Roy Rogers (deceased) - Dale Evans (dewcewased) - Tex Ritter (deceased) - Tiny Cook, York, Nebraska - Big Bill Lister, Texas - Sydney Martin, Colorado - Tom Pauley, England - Stew Clayton, Canada - Bob Tripp, Missouri - Gordon McMasters, Iowa - Lorne Greenwood, Canada - David Stewart
1988 Inductees
Stuart Hkamblin (decewased) - Poutnici, Czechoslovakia - Otto & Gitta Amon, Vienna, Austria - Eberhard Finke, Germany - Bill Sky Family, Arkansas - Helen Chaney, Indiana - Mark Stoffel & Mainspring, Germany - Croquignol, France
1987 Inductees
Fiddlin' John Carson (deceased) - Dave Dudley, Tennessee - Jerry Reed, Tennessee - Deford Bailey (deceased) - Eddie Adcock, Tennessee - Everly Brothers, Tennessee - Jimmy Martin, Tennessee - Ginny Peters, New Zealand - Jimmie Dale Court, Texas
1986 Inductees
Thurland Chattaway (wrote Redwing) (deceased) - Kerry Mills (wrote music to Redwing) (deceased) - Marty Mincer, Iowa - Tony Richards, England - Pete Lenloy, Austria
1985 Inductees
Slim Everhart, Oregon - Freddy Fender, Texas - Hap Peebles (deceased) - Dan Hunter, Iowa - Johnny Eaglefeather, Arizona - Jean Marie Redon & Stylix, France
1984 Inductees
Butch Hancock, Missouri - Gary Morris, Tennessee - Pete Seeger (deceased) - Bob DeWitt, California - Kathy Mattea (no-show)
1983 Inductees
Lee Mace, Ozark, Missouri - Riders In The Sky (no show) - The Whites, Tennessee - Bill Grant, Oklahoma - Delia Bell, Oklahoma - Doug Dillard & The Dillards, Branson, Missouri - Jerry Douglas, Tennessee - Johnny Lee, Tennessee - Charlie Walker, Tennessee - Elmer Bird, West Virginia - Janie Fricke (no show) - Leon Everett, Tennessee
1982 Inductees
Kenny Baker, Tennessee - Van Williams, Mississippi - Doc Francis, Nebraska
1981 Inductees
Grandpa & Ramona Jones, Tennessee - Wilma Lee & Stony Cooper (deceased) - Joe & Rose Lee Maphis, Tennessee - James O'Gwynn, Tennessee - Mac Wiseman, Tennessee - Hank William's original Drifting Cowboys, Tennessee - Crawford Brothers, Iowa - Osborne Brothers, Tennessee (no-show) - Colonel & Ruth Bingaman, Nebraska
1980 Inductees
Happy Valley June & Jerry Campbell, Thurman, Iowa - Patsy Montana, California - Merle Travis, Tennessee - Woody Guthrie (deceased) accepted by widow Marjorie Guthrie - Jimmy Driftwood, Arkansas - Joe Sun, Tennessee
1979 Inductees
Roy Acuff (deceased) - Uncle Dave Macon (deceased) - Louise Mandrell, Tennessee - Terri Hollowell, Texas - Earl Scruggs, Tennessee - Sammi Smith, Tennessee - Dave Dudley (no-show) - Boxcar Willie, Branson, Missouri - Smokey Dawson, Australia - Skeeter Davis, Tennessee - Susan Raye, Tennessee - Jeannie Pruett (no-show)
1978 Inductees
Minnie Pearl (deceased) - Jimmy Morgan, West Virginia - Jeannie C. Riley (no-show)
1977 Inductees
The Carter Family (deceased) - Ernest Tubb - Red Sovine (no-show) - Nat Stucky, Tennessee - C W McCall, Iowa - Faron Young (no-show)
1976 Inductees